Thursday, 16 May 2013


Irgendwas (1971)

Tetragon, from the north of the country formerly known as West Germany, released but one album of instrumental jazz-rock that purported to say something about their concern for the environment and the effect mankind was having on the natural world. Nature (1971) is something of a lost progressive rock classic, most deserving of the attention of the wider world. Not sure if the album is currently available, though it was re-released in 1995 by Musea Records of France. I think you can get hold of a download all legal like via Amazon or else I'd imagine that a trawl of the internet will find you a suitable blog with the usual links. Really rather groovy. What guitars and keyboards were made for, surely?


The Swede said...

Totally new to me and jazzprogtastic. I'm happy to report that the album is available to download over at eMusic for a mere £2.52 - bargin!

Singing Bear said...

eMusic? I'm on my way to seek out new life and civilization over there. Thanks for the tip.

Old Pa's Corner said...

E music here I come....not a prog person...but this is not unpleasant!!